Industrial End-user cases

1. Biosensors by Metrohm DropSens (MDS)

The first IEU case is a one-time-use diagnostic sensor/test with only a few or no electronic components.

Medical background with blank tablet, thermometer, stethoscope and medicine, mockup

The product

An electrochemical biosensor is built using an electrochemical transducer and a (bio)recognizing element. Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) are currently the best choice to produce them due to their small size and the low sample volume required to carry out the analysis.

Metrohm Dropsens

will provide cheap and biodegradable materials to face the current high cost and high amount of non-recyclable waste generated by biosensors, pushing electrochemical biosensing as a mainstream point-of-care diagnostic tool.

2. Membrane Switch/keyboards by MelsenTech

The second IEU case consists of a more complex multi-component device, containing several discrete components and having an expected lifetime of 15+ years.

The product

Membrane switches are currently used in a variety of applications, such as industrial control panels, medical equipment, telephone systems, household appliances, etc.

Melsen Tech

will provide cheaper sustainable ink alternatives to reduce production costs, and automation solutions to produce low to medium-volume customers where screen production and manpower costs dominate.